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Level up your Building business

With a sparky who delivers on expectations every time

Are you sick of hearing this same old bulls#%t?

"We are your trusted, local Electricians. With a strong focus on workmanship and quality, we will always…"


BLAH… BLAH… BLAH… Cut the crap!

We know that really, you’re over Sparkies taking max coin for minimal effort.

Your reputation is on the line. You don’t have time to f#$k around, constantly chasing up your hopeless sparky who forgot to send you that quote.

Look, being a Sparky is the easy part. Anyone can do it. What you really need is a reliable business operator, who delivers a great product on time every time and keeps you in the loop along the way.


A stress-free experience, that’s worth every cent.


Because let’s be honest… Builders are the Apex predators of the Trades industry and it’s about time you get the respect you deserve!

Picture this...

You arrive on site. You feel the little buzz of excitement to take your first sip of the warm, aromatic, barista-made coffee warming your hand.

The boys have all rocked up on time and no one has called in sick (*cough* hungover). Tools in hand, they're getting the job done.

You whip out your phone and open your email app. There it is, sitting at the top of your inbox, waiting and ready. The quote from your Sparky that you desperately needed to get that next job over the line.

Today is gonna be a good day!

So, what do we do?

In a nutshell, we do high-quality residential electrical installations, with a focus on renovations and new builds.

But what we really deliver is:

  • Innovative solutions that WOW your customers.

  • Communication throughout the entire process so you always know where we're at!

  • A love of problem-solving and handling those unavoidable curve balls making it far less stressful for you.

  • A can-do attitude, we're genuinely good blokes to be around and have a lot of fun on-site with our Builders.



The proof is in the pudding... Check out some of our latest projects below:


Forresters Beach

Who are we?

Life changed forever on a pearler of day in the water of Mermaid Beach on the Goldie.


Paddling out to catch some waves, I got smashed, hitting my head on the sand, a loud 'CRACK' felt in my neck.

Turns out, I broke my neck and was told I'd be a quadriplegic.

Defying the odds (obviously), this experience at only 21, changed everything!

Determined to create a life of freedom and flexibility so I could live life the way I wanted, Freedom Electrical was born.

Being a business owner isn't for the faint-hearted. Sacrifices and s#&t to deal with happen day-to-day.

We start our business wanting freedom but quickly get overloaded with never-ending logistics and paperwork.


Don't get bogged down in any more than you have to. Having a reliable sparky frees up the space to spend more time doing what's important (like drinking icy-cold beers).

What's the point of all this, otherwise?

​Anyways, call me Mick and this is Mitchy, my 1st (almost 2nd) year apprentice.​


Side note: We've been so busy making our Builders look good that this gronky photo is the best we can do but at least it puts a face to the name.​


We've been involved in projects across the Central Coast for over a decade and we love making Builders look like legends in front of their customers.


​Let us make your life easier. Click the button below to jump on the blower.


Where do we work?

As a Cenny Coast locals since birth, we like to stick to the home turf.

Servicing areas from Umina to The Entrance.

What our Builders are saying...

I understand there’s a risk in trying a new Electrician.

So I’ve decided to give you a free gift of $500 to sample our services in a risk-free manner and give us a chance to show you how awesome it is working with Freedom Electrical Services. Just mention this when you get in touch. Please know that we currently only have the capacity for 1 - 2 new builders so it's first in, first served.



As a builder, having a reliable trades to
work with is crucial and Freedom
Electrical consistently delivers. They
are knowledgeable, efficient, and
always turn up on time. Their attention
to detail and commitment to my
projects sets Mick apart from the rest.

Parcon Building

I can highly Recommend Freedom electrical. Mick and the team are great to work with. They're super reliable and a pleasure to be on site
with. Mick's communication before, during and after a job is of a high standard and rare in this industry!

CityCoast Projects

Freedom Electrical always completes their work on time to keep my jobs flowing. Their workmanship is excellent
and no job is too hard. Extremely
pleasant to work with, my team always enjoys having Mick and Seb around on site. I highly recommend Freedom Electrical to anyone.

Unique Urban Spaces

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