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Electrical Safety tips for your home

Making your home safe is a priority because you never really know what problems can arise. That’s why working with the best Central Coast Electricians and upgrading your home’s safety should always be at the top of your to-do list. Here are some things to take into consideration.

Hire an Electrician to check your home’s electrical system

Ideally, you want to ensure that the electrical system in your home is working as expected. The right local Electrician will help you identify any problems and solve them right away.

Electrical repairs tend to be less expensive when the issue is not as severe. If you wait, those repairs might end up being costlier, so a quick safety check never hurts.

Upgrade your Switchboard

Your switchboard is the most important point of safety within your home. This is where all cabling enters your household and ensuring your switchboard complies with current Australian Standards is essential to keeping your home safe.

We advise having Residual Current Devices (also known as a safety switch) installed on all circuits within your home. These act as a safety mechanism for the wiring system in your household and not only protect you and your family but your home as well.

Leave the security lights on during the night

Nighttime is when most thieves operate, so leaving the security or sensor lights on can be an added protection for your home. It deters people will ill intentions and keeps you and your family safe.

CCTV & Smart Home Cameras

Smart Home devices and CCTV cameras have never been more accessible and easier to install. Most systems now have access via an app available on your smart phone. You can view the live camera feed from the app on your smart phone and even communicate via 2-way speakers when you’re not at home. If you want to increase security for your home there’s now twin sensor spotlights with CCTV built in which triggers when motion is detected.

Smoke Alarms

Did you know that smoke alarms have an expiry date and should be replaced every 10 years? Photoelectric smoke alarms are your best option and we’ve seen new models hit the market with a 10-year lithium battery backup to ensure that if there’s ever a power outage, your home is still protected! If your old smoke alarms have a 9V battery backup it’s essential to check they’re operational every 6 months – a good idea is to check them when daylight savings rolls around each year in March and October.

We recommend taking your time and implementing as many safety practices as you can. Work closely with a Central Coast Electrician to ensure your home is safe. All these things will help you avoid any issues in the long run!

If any of these points are a concern for you, get in touch to arrange a safety check for your home.

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