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EV Charging Station Installation Cost

In recent years, there has been a huge influx of electric vehicles (EV) entering the market and it seems more and more common to pass a Tesla each time we hit the road. If you're thinking of buying an EV, it's essential to consider having an EV charging station installed at your home to ensure you're getting the most out of your new vehicle.

For Tesla vehicles, the Gen 3 Wall Connector is arguably one of the most important items to have ready to go when you bring your new vehicle home! Having this charging station installed at home will allow you to charge your vehicle at your convenience, to maximise the range of your vehicle and minimise the reliance on public Destination Charger or Supercharger stations which can be found here.

Cost Factors for your new EV Charger Installation

We've recently completed a number of EV Charging Station installations on the Central Coast, here's what you need to keep in mind when considering a new installation for your electric vehicle.


Your new EV charger must be installed in a suitable location, at a recommended height of 1.2m, to make sure your vehicle can be connected with minimal fuss. Installation in the garage where your vehicle is kept overnight is an ideal location, but not essential. Having a stable wifi connection is also a critical requirement for some chargers.

Proximity to switchboard

A huge factor in the cost of the installation of your EV charger will be the distance from the switchboard in your home. Cabling costs may add up if your switchboard is located on the opposite side of the house from where your EV is parked.

Electrical Demand

The electrical demand for your home will determine what charge rate your EV charger can safely operate. Unexpected costs may arise if you need to upgrade your existing switchboard or mains to allow you to charge your new vehicle in the least amount of time with some chargers operating up to 22kW with a single-phase or 3-phase supply.

Home Solar System

An existing home solar system may help reduce the costs of charging your electric vehicle by offsetting the power consumption whilst the vehicle is charging. If you've got a green thumb, this may already apply to you!

Type of Charger

There are a number of different ways to charge your EV. To get the most range out of your vehicle the 'smart' chargers or 'Wall Connectors' will provide you with the most range from each charge. Standard power outlets in your home can also provide your vehcile with charge but this option will take much longer or provide less range

5 easy steps to organise your EV charger installation

1. Contact us here, call 0411 818 360 or email to schedule a meeting at your home or business.

2. We'll attend site, assess the installation and advise you on the work required for your new EV charger installation.

3. We'll forward you a quote outlining the costs of the work involved.

4. Upon quote acceptance, we'll be in contact to organise an installation date.

5. We'll complete the EV charger installation & commission.

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